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Welcome to cfacts
December 07, 2016 Welcome to cfacts
Why use cfacts for your title and closing needs?
You’ll enjoy single-source convenience and personalized attention from experienced professionals
We tailor our service to meet your needs and priorities
We’ve worked hard to become a leading provider of real estate services, and we’ll keep working hard to earn your business
cfacts is a national provider of complete, accurate, and timely real estate information to assist companies buying and selling mortgages
cfacts.com provides 24/7 access to our convenient order entry, tracking and retrievel system
Interested in foreclosures and REO services?
We provide a fast and easy way to obtain information on distressed and foreclosed properties
cfacts is your outsourcing solution for all aspects of your default servicing process
Looking for a closing management company?
We can setup closings when and where you need them within the continental us
We are TRID compliant and adhere to ALTA best practices
About cfacts
We’re a full-service land record services firm headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We offer a full complement of products and services throughout most of the country.
For over 30 years, cfacts has remained committed to developing the best people, processes, and technologies that make all the difference in the dynamic real estate market. And we’re committed to making your real estate transactions smooth and trouble-free.
Please contact us today for assistance with your land record needs.
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What we offer..
Title Searches
cfacts title searches are compilations of recorded documents which are related to a specific piece of real property. A search of public records is made at the county/parish level and reported in abstract form. No title search product offered by cfacts is intended to provide an opinion of title, nor should it be used as a substitute for an opinion of title. Our title search products are merely an inventory of recorded documents found in county/parish records.
A closing (or "settlement") is the process of completing a real estate transaction during which deeds, mortgages, leases and other required instruments are signed and/or delivered, an accounting between the parties is made, the money is disbursed, the papers are recorded, and all other details are handled. We are unable to provide this service in certain states which require an attorney to close real estate transactions.
Title Insurance
Insurance which protects the insured party from any loss which may result from a defect in the title not disclosed at the time of purchase. The premium for this insurance policy is paid one time only. Cost is determined by the amount of insurance, and rates which are regulated in each state.
Our title search products..
Present Owner Search
Identifies the most recent conveyance of the subject property per county/parish records. Includes vesting, lien, mortgage and judgment information, as well as assessed value and tax payment status.
Foreclosure Report
Contains all the basic information of a Present Owner Search (above), plus addresses for all lienholders, federal judgment and bankruptcy search, deed information into original titleholders, and a typed legal description.
Legal Vesting
Identifies the most recent conveyance of the subject property per county/parish records. Provides recording information for the vesting documents and a copy of the legal description of the vesting deed.
20 Year Search
Identifies the most recent conveyance of the subject property per county/parish records, as well as vesting, mortgage, lien and judgment information. Includes assessed value, tax payment status and chain of title for the past 20 years.
60 Year Search
Identifies the most recent conveyance of the subject property per county/parish records as well as vesting, lien, mortgage and judgment information. Includes assessed value, tax payment status and chain of title for the past 60 years.
Mortgage Only Report
Identifies any mortgages, deeds of trust and mechanic's liens secured by the subject property per recorded documents at the county/parish level.
Tax Report
Identifies the subject property by tax identification number. Includes assessment value, tax payment history and current tax payment status.
Customized Reports
In addition to our standard title search product offerings. cfacts also has the ability to create a customized report that is tailored to your company's needs.
Our closing services..
Non-Escrow/Witness Closing
A service that provides non-escrow closings. Our agents ensure that all documents are properly executed and notarized.
Escrow Closing
A service providing escrow closings by experienced agents resulting in properly executed loan documents and loan disbursements. We strive to make the title and closing process as easy for you as possible. To assist you, we will:
  • Discuss issues specific to your organization and each individual loan package
  • Make arrangements for closing prerequisites, including:
    • Ordering the title search
    • Ordering the appraisal
    • Reviewing mortgage and lien payoffs
    • Ordering the survey (if necessary)
    • Ordering termite/pest inspection (if necessary)
  • Take steps to clear any defects in the title and expedite closing
  • Schedule the closing at the convenience of the borrower and close the loan
  • Review each loan package for lender compliance
  • Handle the receipt and escrowing of loan proceeds and direct payment of mortgages and liens
  • Record the mortgage
  • Issue and deliver the title policies
  • Provide the lender with a concise overview of the closing activities
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Our title insurance products..
Loan Policy
Title insurance policy where the lender is the insured party.
Owner Policy
Title insurance policy where the property owner is the insured party.
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